The House of Genesis - the process

We ask that all potential residents are committed to making changes, and actively working with staff, to achieve their personal goals. Also they should agree to respect others and help with the day to day running of the house.

People can refer themselves or be referred by other agencies e.g. Housing Officer, GP, Probation. The first step is usually a phone call or email to the House to find out if a space is available. As we do not keep a waiting list, we usually advise other agencies when we have an impending vacancy.
If we may be able to help, we will invite the person to come and talk to us, or, if they are awaiting release from prison we will go and visit. Each person is considered individually, so we will ask about support needs, hopes and plans for the future; there will also be chance to ask any questions they may have. We discuss the regime of the house and ask applicants if they feel this is something they could work with.

If it is felt we could work together, a place would be offered and a move-in date agreed. We offer active support; each resident has a Support Plan, outlining what they feel they need and steps to achieve success.

Many of our residents hope to move on and secure their own tenancy; others might return to family or move in with friends. Whatever the goal, it takes, on average, between six and eighteen months to move on to independent living.

We continue to offer informal support to all our ex-residents if that is their wish.

You can make a referral enquiry to the House of Genesis using the form on the contact us page or by using the attached referral forms.

HAF Referral Form Part 1

HAF Referral Form Part 2

New residents are given the attached information sheet to help them fit in their new surroundings quickly.

Download Information Sheet

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